Hello everyone… again :D

I just wanted to let you know that I’m visiting the UK for the next two weeks! I’m going to go see my grandparents. I won’t be able to see you for two whole weeks, which is saddening, but oh well. You’ll still be here when I get back! (I hope.)

Good bye, and I’ll be back soon!


actually I’m going to go visit my friends in the states for two weeks so im sorry that i wont be able to rp! :( aachhhh sorry D:

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if drake and josh has taught me one thing, it’s that orange rhymes with doorhinge

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“I’m just really sad that I couldn’t hold that movie night! I planned all day just to have it cancel… Could this night get any worse?!”

Oh, Barbie, don’t worry about it! We can always reschedule.


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I’m so sorry everyone. I can’t make it to the movie night!

The movers came over at the last minute and wanted to move everything in, so now I have to deal with this. I know, I sound like such a douche for bailing. But somebody, please tell me how it went!


I’m so sorry, but I promise to keep my phone on at all times if anyone needs anything.

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I didn’t know there was one, honestly.

Oh, well it’s just a movie night over at the Dreamhouse!

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"I’m definitely getting this! I love it! Thank you!" Teresa excitedly jump-hugged Blake, feeling the electricity again. "I’m more of a crier, so you’ll come in handy, Blake! Well! I have to go now get dressed and ready. I’m also going to prepare a suprise for you!! But you gotta tell me, what’s your favourite pasty?"

"Well, I do love scones, but seeing that this isn’t England… I would have to say an apple something… pie, cake, you name it. I do love apples. Preferably the green sour ones…" He sighed. "Well, thank you for this! It was fun talking to somebody friendly." He looked at her again, wondering whether or not to make a move, and then decided against it, because he would see her at movie night, anyways. "See you at the Dramhouse, then." He said, winked, and walked away.

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